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Miasiéla Lompo's Success Story

Miasiéla Lompo is 17 years old and she lives in Mahadaga. She is a grade 4 student that comes from a family of 7 children. Miasiéla’s father is a courageous farmer who has been working hard to take care of his children. Unfortunately, within the last few years the rainy season has been unstable and does not favor good harvests. Unfortunately Miasiéla father does not yield enough harvest to meet the needs of his family.

Last year, Miasiéla received two goats from the program funded by CCFC. Miasiéla wanted to capitalize on this gift so she took upon herself to take good care of the animals. Through her efforts the price of the goats increased in value. At the beginning of the school year, she was able to sell one or two of her goats to help pay for her younger brother’s school fees. Miasiéla is now considered a key member of the family. She helps provide for the family and help contribute to the family expenses.

“I’m proud to be able to help my brothers. Now they consider me more of an asset to the family in comparison to before”, says Miasiéla. A confession that makes sense as it contributes to raise the self-esteem of the young girl who measures the level of responsibility that her new state gives her.

With her flock of 7 goats today, Miasiéla is so proud. She is even confident that those animals will do more than providing some income to the family. “These animals have made me a whole new person. My brothers respect me more and my father sees me now as more responsible.”

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